BSA Troop 6

Newport News, VA


Traditional Troop 6 Campouts

   Troop 6 is devoted to holding a campout once a month.  Each camp has its own theme or specific category of activities.  Here are some of the traditional camps we hold annually, and the month in which they are held.  Photos taken at that camp are pictured to the right, but for more images you can visit the "Photos" page.

January: Winter Camp

   "Just like Summer Camp, except a lot cooler!"  (See Summer Camp, below.)  Troop 6 believes that camping should not stop because it is cold outside.  Winter Camp, like Summer Camp, focusses mainly on earning Merit Badges (see the "About" page), though for safety reasons, most activities are indoors.

February: Klondike Derby

   Klondike Derby is an inter-Troop competition that tests local Troops ability in multiple basic Scout skills including knots and lashings, nature identification, outdoor cooking, first-aid, and other things.


April: New Scout Camp

    This camp is designed for New Scouts.  Only New Scouts and Scouts who are leaders in the Troop and/or are helping to run the camp are invited.  This camp is intended to introduce New Scouts to Scouting and teach them simple skills such as setting up a tent, how the Scouting program works, and other basic skills, as well as working on requirements for the ranks Scout, Tenderfoot, and Second-Class.

April: Camp Chef

   This camp also focuses on New Scouts and working on Scout, Tenderfoot, and Second-Class requirements, but focuses mainly on teaching outdoor cooking.  For the Senior Scouts, there is a cook-off for anyone who wants to participate, and a Patrol Iron-Chef.  For the Iron-Chef, each Scout brings a random ingredient with which the Patrol must concoct a delicious meal.

May: Canoe Trip

   At this camp Scouts may experience canoeing or kayaking in a small swamp in North Carolina.  Scouts may have the experience of seeing an alligator up close, as several reside in the swamp (they are used to passing boaters).  A few Senior Scouts, chosen by the Scoutmaster, may go on a more rigorous excursion, and canoe down a creek connected to the swamp.

June: Historical Camp

   This camp may take place at a range of areas.  These are usually near National or Historical Parks, Museums, reenactments, and other historical landmarks.  These may include The Jamestown Settlement or Washington D.C.  We visit the area then camp near it.

July: Summer Camp

   The biggest, most prepared for, and most looked forward to camp, Summer Camp is a week long camp at varying locations that focuses on teaching Merit Badges.  

August: C&O Hike

    The C&O Hike is a rigorous hiking trip which is often only attended by older Scouts with more hiking experence.

September: AT Hike

    The other hiking trip offered by Troop 6, the Appalachian Trail HIke, or AT Hike, is a hiking trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which allows Scouts, whether experienced or inexperienced, to take a short backpacking trip.

October: Firefox

    Firefox is a leadership training camp that focuses mainly on training Patrol Leaders, though all Scouts are invited.  Activities at the camp include teamwork themed games, and deciding what camps to have in the coming year, and what Summer Camp to attend in the coming year.

October: Mountain Man a.k.a Golden Horseshoe

    This camp is the favorite camp among most of the Troop, and is pioneering themed.  Scouts may experience primitive cooking, sleeping in a make-shift tent comosed of a tarp or hammock and whatever materials Scouts may find, not using a flashlight, having a trading market, primitive fire starting (not using matches or flint and steel), and throwing Tomahawks and Atl-atls*.  At the end of the camp, those whom the Scoutmaster deems worthy will earn the "Golden Horseshoe", an unofficial pin.

November: Thanksgiving in the Woods a.k.a Thanksgiving in the Field

   This camp is Troop 6's way of celebrating Thanksgiving.  The Scouts camp Friday Night, then prepare a Thanksgiving dinner, and may invite family members and other guests to come share it with them.  The guest attendance is usually very large, and we have had to cook twelve turkeys in the past.  Scouts then camp another night and clean up from the day before and go home.

December: Christmas in the Woods

    Like Winter Camp, Christmas in the woods is a cold-weather camp.  It is relatively laid back, and activities include a tent decorating contest and bringing ornaments to decorate a tripod Christmas tree.
scout badge
Winter Camp
Tenderfoot badge

Canoe Trip

Historical Camp (D.C.)

Summer Camp

AT Hike

Golden Horseshoe

*An Atl-atl is a Native American hunting weapon invented after the throwing spear but before the bow.  It consists of a small handle with a notch at the back and a rest at the front.  On the handle sits a bolt, a long spear-like arrow, and when the handle is flung forward, the bolt leaves it with a large amount of force.